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I wanted to tell you what a relief it is to find this blog. I am 45, and have had asthma all my life, although my family didn’t realize it until I was in my. I grew up believing I couldn’t run, and never even made the attempt until a few years ago. Unfortunately, my asthma has gotten worse over time, thanks to the scarring caused by each severe attack I’ve had – or so I’m told. Of course, the climate and rampant pollen in Mississippi are no help, either. But I decided to try running a few years ago, and have done it a bit off and on since then (my life has been crazy hectic up until just recently, raising two kids on my own, one of whom has a serious mental illness, so consistency has not been my watch word). It has been discouraging, because all of the training plans I could find were impossible for me to even begin – run all out for 30 seconds and walk for 45, then do it again? I could run the first 30 seconds. It felt like no one else who ever tried to run had to cope with asthma like mine. What advice I could find was along the lines of “take your medication”. Yeah…big help there. Recently, though, I’ve taken up boxing, purely on my own, and while I love it (you have no idea!) and I’m developing lots of muscle, it isn’t moving the pudge. And all I can read on boxing insists I need to run at least 2-3 days a week. I wasn’t excited by the prospect, but I feel much better about it after having come across your blog. What do you know – I’m not alone in the difficulties of training to run! And while I don’t know that I’ll ever run a marathon, or even a 5K, at least I know that someone with asthma can improve, and doing it at the pace that works for my breathing is not only fine, but smart. So thank you. It’s funny how hearing what you really know is true, from someone else, can make so much difference. 🙂


Comment by Yvette

Hi Tara.

Came across your blog while doing a search – So encouraged! There are no other blogs like yours on your journey with asthma. I have suffered from chronic asthma my whole life. i don’t know what it is to breathe freely although its improved as I got older. I am very active – i do Muay Thai and I run. The martial arts helped me with my running, as it increased my endurance and my mental strength. When you are well enough, come and do the Two Oceans Half Marathon (21km) in Cape Town, South Africa. Its the most beautiful marathon in the world!




Comment by Shelley Mason

Hi Shelley! Thanks for writing in! Do you live in Cape Town? I visited Uganda in 2011 on a mission trip and loved it. If I’m ever fortunate enough to be in your area I’ll definitely join you on that run 🙂 Thanks again, Tara


Comment by TaraSchiro

I just got diagnosed with EIA. Very disappointed as I am training for my first mini marathon in may 😦 do you guys think it’s doable? Doctor didn’t sound very optimistic, said he hoped I could make it all the way. I really want to make it all the way, its a dream and a bucket list item.


Comment by Saima

Hey Saima, Thanks for stopping by! Before I, or any of my readers, can chime in, we need some more information. How many miles are you up to in your training for your long run days? How many weeks, months, have you been running (i.e. what kind of a base do you have)? In hindsight, how long have you been struggling with the EIA before you were diagnosed? What kind of climate do you live in? Cold, mild, etc. What type of meds did the Dr. prescribe? What types of symptoms do you have while running and for the next 24 hours after your workout? If you read through the hundreds of comments and pages here on the blog, I’m sure you will find that finishing is possible, but, before we can help you we need this extra info. Let us know! Best wishes, Tara


Comment by TaraSchiro

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